Who are BLZK architects?

We are team of architects and designers, who can connect your ideas and our specific touch, for which people seek us out.

Result of this process is unique story of your interior or architecture. It all starts with clients ideas and then is transferred on the paper and later on into reality by our team.

Why choose us?

Our biggest advantage is human approach. Of course, we are professionals, but we are also good friends as well.

Our common passion for creative process and that fact that we are also friends, results intopositive human touch aj in our projects.

Don't expect a cold "architect knows best" approach from us. We are always trying to communicate really closely with our clients and trying to understand as good as possible their needs, ideas and priorities.

In our opinion, in addition to functionality, a custom-made space should also be characterized by an individual footprint of the client, which you can leave in the project thanks to the fact that we will have equal discussions together.

We collect experience and awards

Over the years that we have been on the market, we have accumulated a lot of experience. But not only those, we are also pleased with nominations of our projects in prestigious architectural competitions.

Armed with experience and crowned with prizes, we will be happy to provide not only proposals, but also the implementation of projects for you.

We believe that the way up leads only through daily new challenges and constant learning. We like to learn and push the boundaries of the possible further and further. We will be glad if you will be with us and give us another professional challenge with your project.

We will provide you only the best in every way

Only the most modern technologies for creating photorealistic visualizations or virtual tours await you in our studio.

The final implementation of the project is for us the most important part of the whole process and gives us and the client satisfaction at the finalization of our joint journey.

To make everything run smoothly, we use the professional services of our verified partners. He will reliably document the results of our joint work and show you a portfolio of finished projects here on our website.

How to contact us?

Let's create a space together that will give you everything you put into it. Write down your dreams and intentions and connect with us. We will take care of the rest.

Benefit from our experience and let us design your new home or offices for you.

Do you like our work? If so, do not delay any longer and contact us by mail or phone. Together we will arrange everything necessary or answer your questions.