Interior of commercial places

One ​​of the focuses of the BLZK studio is the design of commercial spaces.
We will be happy to create unique interior designs for you in various sectors:

  • design of gastro spaces
  • hotels interiores designs
  • design of administrative spaces
  • design of stores
  • wellness, health & SPA design
  • Others...

The interior design of commercial spaces requires a certain expertise and a special type of attention. In this area, the design of the space is often the decisive factor in differentiating the marketing of your company from the competition. In addition, it is also a dominant means for improving the added value towards the customer.

The interior of your establishment is essential for the presentation of your brand. Building an unforgettable impression on the customer does not depend only on the level of services offered, but begins long before that. The moment a potential visitor researches online and comes across your business or service and later visits it often gives a visual impression and the emotion that the environment evokes in them.

A good example in this context is, for example, the interior of a hotel. Here, the hotel interior design directly determines the value of the facility and the level of attractiveness for hotel guests. In addition, according to him, investors, developers and even fans of the hotel on social networks are also being followed.

The visual identity of the facility is no less important for catering establishments, as restaurants and cafes are nowadays visited not only for food or coffee, but also for the atmosphere and interior. They represent an irreplaceable source of energy for the city center also thanks to the fact that they provide visitors with space for relaxation, social events and everyday enjoyment of life. Last but not least, facilities such as cafes are becoming increasingly busy and increasingly popular as places for work and business meetings.

In both of these examples, we see that the commercial interior solution is only effective if it meets both aesthetic and functional criteria. The pleasant interior of restaurants, hotels and shops contributes significantly to positive branding. This means building a stronger brand and credibility of the given business client. Therefore, in the design process, we always focus on the authenticity of the given solution. We also take care to achieve the desired atmosphere and clear communication of your brand's personality through design.