Interior design for commercial spaces

Attractive commercial interior has marketing potential and will ensure you distinguishability from the competition. If your customers feel good, the interior will be your added value.

How to create an unforgettable impression with your clientele?

It is not only about the level of your services, the first impression starts long before the first visit. People like to look for online reviews, look at photos of the space on social networks and form an impression based on the emotion that the interior evokes in them.

This "online first impression" is especially important for hotels. The design and interior of the hotel directly determines the value of the facility and the degree of attractiveness for hotel guests depends on it.

To stay or not to stay in this hotel? This is often decided by photos of the hotel on reservation servers, the website of the hotel or social networks.

The same applies to restaurants, cafes and gastro establishments. We don't just go there for coffee or good food, we are also attracted by the atmosphere and visually pleasing interior. Time spent in the comfortable, functional and beautiful interior of a restaurant or cafe "recharges our batteries", gives us space for relaxation and brings joy of life.

It also represents a space for social events with friends and family, but increasingly also for meetings with business partners or work.

And where to take those who are important to us? Preferably to a company that we want to show off in front of loved ones or business partners, right?

Not to mention that the attractive interior is today often a reason to visit for social network lovers who want to be in a nice environment take photo. And so, thanks to the professionally designed interior, they will give you free marketing.

A functional and visually appealing interior of a hotel, restaurant, shop, doctor's office or office will help you build positive company branding and will increase the credibility of your company with your clientele.

We at BLZK architects always strive for authenticity, take into account the personality and visual identity of your brand and listen carefully to you, to include in the interior all the requirements to create the desired atmosphere in the space.

Commercial interior design requires a special type of attention, expertise and experience. We know what we are talking about, because at BLZK architekti we have done dozens of such projects. We will be happy to help you with yours as well.

What types of commercial interiors do we design? 

  • gastro facilities (restaurant, cafe, bistro, bakery, etc.)
  • accommodation facilities (hotel, boarding house, Airbnb apartment, etc.)
  • administrative premises and offices
  • business operations
  • wellness, health & SPA (cosmetic / hairdressing salon, yoga studio, etc.)
  • sports facilities

What exactly can you expect from us? 

  • custom interior design
  • technical drawings for the design (optional)
  • supervision of implementation (optional, only western Slovakia)

How to request a non-binding quote? 

  • prepare the documents (plans and dimensions of the space, design inspirations, your ideas)
  • send documents to